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July 29, 2011


I was inspired by the article, below, to clean off the graffiti on the mailbox holding pen at the end of the street. Why not pick up litter when you walk by it, clean out any weeds on your sidewalk… Ask people not to pee on the street. Do anything you can to make our block more beautiful… Don’t just go inside and shut your doors.

P.S. And it looks like we will be getting a re-paved street, new curbs, and new sidewalks.

Graffiti Lady!

Think global, act local. Clean up our street! Click, above, to read the story on SF's "Graffiti Lady."


Historic Chester Court…

June 23, 2011

Chester Court back in the day... Wow.

Check out this 1920s photo of Chester Court… This was one of the Vanderbilt homesteads. Does anyone have any wonderful vintage images of the street?

See below for more information about this fabulous image.


Some background on this vintage image...

Hello, Chester Court!

June 21, 2011
Chester Court!

Let's make Chester Court even more beautiful and inviting.


Welcome to summer! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful June…

The block is looking amazing… We had the wall fixed and a tree planted, and the DOT has come out to consider repaving the street and installing new sidewalks.

A few thoughts:

If you see trash, pick it up.

If you see someone littering, ask them politely to pick up their trash.

Why not weed in front of your home?

And how about a July block meeting?

Send us your thoughts, comments, concerns, questions.